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I am a man and my partner left after 30 years

by gerard
(leeds west yorkshire uk)

i am 66 this year,my partner is 48, we broke up after a row last year, we had been together for 30 years and had two girls age 22 28 on the day of the argument as my partner was leaving the house,i tried to stop her,as i am a disabled person i could not hold her she was to strong for me. she hit her face on the side of the door by accident, however she left and the next thing i knew i was served with a non molestation order which is up on march the 4th this year. i have not been in touch with her as i don't have her address, my eldest daughter won't speak to me. i have tried to forget her over the last year, but i cant i still love her very much also my daughter they both live in Chester now. please tell me if i can try and resolve this relationship or any advice you could give me i would be very grateful as my heart is broken thank you

Noel's response

You haven't given much information about the nature of the argument, but clearly her leaving wasn't totally caused by that. You also don't mention why your daughter won't speak to you.

I suggest you see a counselor/psychotherapist in order to figure out what to do.

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