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I am bi

by gary
(usstate ny)

Did not do anything until my fifties.

From a meat market site, I met this married guy.
Did what was expected. After I told him what business I was in, he wanted to intern with me at my business.
Long story short, he has worked with me we became friends. Now he would like to become partners with me. We definitely compliment each other work wise.
Sex wise he is a pig, he has to have it every day from the meat market. With me, I am only once in awhile thing and it's only to service him. (he always has been honest on his sexual appetite).
My problem, I am trying not to fall for him. My emotions are going crazy. He has none when it comes to M2M. I am very passive. Also very very little sexual experience. I was a virgin when I got married.
This partnership can bring my business to the top.
I'm trying to separate the two. Plus handle my screwed up marriage. The kicker, I have ED now, have to go for blood test. I am trying not to go into a depression. You see also I have low self esteem. He is like a 10 I am a -2. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

Noel's response

Get some counseling to help improve your self-esteem. Also, make sure you are WELL protected when you have sex with this man.

Also, see your doctor for a complete physical, and discuss with him the possibility of going on an anti-depressant for a while.

I also suggest you go through the New Warrior Adventure Training. It will help with your self-esteem and your boundaries.

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