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I am in a crisis and I dont know what to do

We have been married for 32 years. We have all we can wish for. Now I have discovered Viagra hidden in his garage. Big amounts of Money missing. Sequins in his car. Unexplainable kilometers done. Long hours at work. White marks on car seat. Definitely an affair. (I have not confronted him, as he will only deny it). The kids and grandchildren are arriving from overseas. Everyone is looking forward to spending Christmas together. Except me. I know whats going on. How am I going to survive this festive season without spoiling it for everyone? Please help me.

Noel's response

It seems to me that you can either
(a) Grin and bear it, or
(b) confront him, letting him know what you have noticed, so even if he does deny it, he will know you are aware of his 'extracurricular' activities.

As you mention big amounts of money missing, you might also want to take whatever action you can to secure your financial picture. You might have to talk to a lawyer, or financial adviser about how to do that.

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