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i am starting to have bi-sexual thoughts after 20yrs of being married

Is this something that just happens? Its like I'm just plain horny all the time. And sex with anyone will do...

Noel's response

I don't know how common your condition is, but I am sure you are not the only one that has those feelings. I expect it will pass in time, but I can't tell you how much time, as it varies from person to person.

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Nov 01, 2011
Middle Aged Bisexual
by: Anonymous

A lot of middle aged guys get a hormone surge and become really horny. Their wives are usually going the other way at this time. Having sex with another man is a no strings situation. You get physical sex without the baggage so in a way you can rationalize it as not even cheating, just a notch above masturbation. On the other side exposure to lots of porn also forms bisexual urges in men. You can act out on this but remember that if she finds out it will be a divorce, plain and simple. You also will probably like it and hence you'll not stop doing it which will make it even more likely you'll get caught. In the end, it is still cheating and all of us have to make rational choices. I'd say you should confront your wife and let her know that if she doesn't start living up to her vows, you're going to get it somewhere else.

Oct 20, 2011
That's where I am now
by: Anonymous

I am 47. In the last few months I have been totally sex crazed. I can't get enough. My wife doesn't have anywhere near the interest I have lately. She thinks I'm having an affair but I'm not. I'm just horny as hell 24/7 and masturbating is not satisfying my desires anymore.

I have always been fiercely hetero but have recently started wondering and fantasizing about having a bisexual experience with a male and female. I would have never considered that before. What's wrong with me?

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