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I feel insecure, and worry that my wife is going to cheat on me. What is going on?

The Question\

I am 52 and in good physical shape. My wife is 49 and looks better than ever. We have had a great marriage and have dated each other since we were teens. About four weeks ago we were talking about a rocky patch we had 25 years ago, and since then I have not been the same. I am jealous, concerned about attention she gets from other men, concerned about my attractiveness, worried that she will find someone else, and have generally lost my confidence.

Also I have a increased sex drive. Sex with my wife is good but I am masturbating more often.

The last two years have been stressful at work as well, but my confidence in the workplace is good.

I spend much of the day obsessing over unfounded jealous emotions. My wife has given me no reason to believe she is cheating.

Are the feelings typical?

Noel's response

Increased sex drive and masturbation appear from my research to be typical. However, I don't know whether your feelings of insecurity are typical, but it doesn't matter whether they are or not.

My suggestion is you see a psychotherapist to help you deal with them, as they come from inside you, and not from anything your wife is doing.

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