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I fell in love with an older man than me

by Laura
(Bucharest, Romania)

The question

I'm 35 and he's 45. I know we are both mature but I would like to know what kind of topics, subjects a man his age is looking for as far as a woman is concerned?

I have to tell you that we are from different countries and we are "talking" through emails. We know each other from almost five years but I feel like he is not in love with me. He just likes me, and I want more from this relationship with him. I really want him.

Noel's response

I don't think all men think the same way, so I cannot tell you what he is interested in. As far as you not getting what you want in the relationship, I suggest you tell him what you want from him, and if he is not willing to give it to you, you move on. There are many men in the world, and most likely are some in your own country you can have a rewarding relationship with.

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