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i have lost interest in sex

by john paul

i have lost all drive in sex, i dont make love to my wife now and haven't for for a long time. i used to watch some porn on the net but not even that anymore, im 49 , and i wonder if i should start doing lots of exercise again and lose some weight im 5,11 and 17 stone, i was a very very fit guy a few years ago, and had sex with many many women over the years before i married.

Noel's response:

Losing weight is probably a very good idea and being overweight may be contributing somewhat to you loss of interest in sex. It will also help with your general health. But you might also want to try some sexual counseling to try to discover why you lost interest in sex after you got married.

You are also at the age where it is common for a man to go through the transition to the 'third age', which is an inner journey, and at which time it is not uncommon to have a drop in sex drive. But not necessarily to lose it altogether.

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Feb 21, 2012
my husband is the same way
by: nothingtolose

I can relate to some extent, My husband hasn't wanted to have any type of emotional relationship. He wants nothing to do with me in that way and he says its because of his weight and his heart, Ok but neither of them should stop him from wanting to hold my hand or put his arm around me. I try to talk to him when he gets home from work, but he just acts like he hears me and continues to watch his T.V. shows, or will just say he is watching the show, We go to the casino with friends because my husband is addicted to gambeling, like thats all he has in life. He could mow the lawn or something he hates inviting people over and I always loved to host a party. Im the out gooing one and he says he counts on me for that, but lately I am withdrawing myself from anyone and everyone. I don't know him like I thought I did for the past 19 years. What would you do?

Oct 20, 2011
Check Testosterone
by: Anonymous

I think you should see a doctor and have your testosterone levels checked.. not normal at your age to totally lose sex drive.

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