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I think my dad might be in andropause

My dad won't visit or talk to me anymore, ever since I expressed my displeasure knowing he was dating someone the same age as me. It has been over two months and he hardly ever speaks to me. He always acts depressed and I'm beginning to think he doesn't love me anymore. My husband suggested that my dad may be undergoing andropause. I'm afraid to make things worse with my dad by telling him. I'm concerned with the lack of communication he has with me and how I think he doesn't love me anymore.

Noel's response

Assuming your folks are separated or divorced, my question is: what business is it of yours who he dates? I have seen very fulfilling relationships between people with thirty or more years difference in their ages. Your dad will know in time whether this relationship will last.

I suspect your disapproval has more to do with you than him. (Perhaps you are embarrassed by him dating a woman your age.)

He most likely still loves you, but is avoiding you because you don't like what he is doing, and he doesn't want to stop dating this younger woman.

He may well be in andropause, especially if he seems to you to be depressed.

If you can give up your judgement about him dating this younger woman, you might want to give him a call and ask to get together. You could then let him know that who he dates is his business, and that you love him, and see if he talks to you about how things are with him.

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