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If a man "wakes up"...

If a man "wakes up" from a midlife crisis, how likely are they to admit their mistakes and try to correct or repair the damage they have caused? Or do most feel this way but not act on it out of pride? Just wondering if midlife crisis can actually get men to be more in touch with what they are feeling and more able to express it? What other positives can come out of this?

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Dec 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

Mine has experienced an awakening. The more I talked about parting ways, the more he turned back to me. It has taken him some time to wake up and smell the roses. He was in a serious state of denial at first and insisting on maintaining a friendship with the OW because it was just friends.

Oct 14, 2016

by: Noel

When a man 'wakes up' from a midlife crisis, in my experience they are generally more in touch with what they are feeling, and more able to express it. However whether they admit their mistakes depends on a number of factors such as what their relationship with their spouse/partner is like, and whether they have had any 'help' in the form of counseling, communication workshops and the like. Many, if not most men have spent the majority of their lives being conditioned NOT to know what they are feeling, and not being able to express what they do know they feel.

Learning new ways of feeling and communicating can take time.

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