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Ihave two boyfriends

by Phati
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I am 39 yrs divorced woman with 2 Children and I stay at home with my Mom.

Im in loved with two men at the same time. I cant Choose.
I have been going out with my 52yr old boyfriend (V)for 2yrs. He has 8 children & stays with 1 son 30yr old.
V is older treats me like a princess and he prefers me to visit him once in 2 weeks. we watch sport in his place I cook diner after that to bed have dinner & have one steady love making round (He is Diabetic) but used to be satisfied but not in the past 2months its now very slow for me but it is not about love making. He does not drink, I can't smoke & can only drink 1 glass of wine in 6months in front of him but lets me go out with friends as I please & I must not drink and smoke when Im going to visit him Little boring for the outgoing person lifestyle I enjoy.

I met the 37yr old (P) 2months back, he is single he has one child stays alone.
P younger sweet romantic masculine good in bed and good kisser. We cook together we go out together indoors we kiss and cuddle and never get enough of each other.

I told him about V, P said he understands & he is fine with it. P makes sure he is with me daily if we are not together we are on the phone most of the time. I promised P I will inform him when im visiting V cos I didnt want P to call.
today Im informing P that im visiting V he is asking a lot of questions
Am I going vising the go home?
Can he call me?
His answer was I do not know I must do what I want.
P says I must also not answer V when we are together.
They both tell me everyday they love me Im confused.

Please give me an advise.


Noel's response

I don't know what advice to give. It sounds as though you have a choice to make that no one else can make for you.

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