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I'm 23 year old woman and I'm attracted to a 44 year old man

by Tetra

I'm 23 years old, I recently came across someone new, I've known him for about a week but the thing about him is that I am half his age... and also he's married with no children. The first time I saw him I had this immediate attraction especially since he's so charismatic and his vocabulary totally exceeds mine. He asked me out to lunch but I declined this because I didn't think he was serious, but he kept on insisting. (I've yet to have lunch with him) And tells me how good of a time I'll have with him. He's been giving these comments and picks on me about how naive I am to life because of my age and he says he likes it a lot. And says how he likes that I am mysterious because I'm the silent type (completely opposite of him) And a few days later he confessed his attraction to me and I confessed my attraction also. At that time I said "wow my cheeks are burning" and he asked "really.?" and he smiled and he came close and put his hand on my left cheek to feel and then he caressed it a bit.. I mentioned his wife, but he totally blew that subject off and I honestly felt for the wife, but something tells me that their marriage is going bad since he jokes about how the best guy to marry your wife after your death is your best friend, because they've been eying each other for years under your nose.

Is he going through a mid-life crisis? Btw he has a Harley, and a muscle car which he both loves...

Noel's response

It sounds to me as though he is going through a midlife transition. My recommendation is that you do not get into a relationship with him unless he actually does get separated and/or divorced.

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