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I'm 40, she's 21 and I think she likes me

i'm a married man 48 yrs.old,a 21 year old girl and i met at church,she's beautiful, we started having coffee, started walking, going to dinner, all in secret. she's says things to me like my heart is so heavy for you & after i mentioned a young man would come into her life she said i don't think i could love anybody more than you, i haven't done anything to her, i've wanted to so bad!!

but can't work up the nerve to ask, but i really don't want to, i don't want to ruin my life or even more hers. I have asked her if she has feelings for me and she denies it and calls it disgusting but then makes those comments, i'm drawn to her, always wanting to see her but yet have not defiled her or me.

this has gone on for awhile but we have done nothing, she sends me texts telling me she loves me but i just think it's do to her faith, she is a christian and so am i. that's the only reason i haven't tried anything.

But now she seems so distant and cold, doesn't want to meet alone like we did so many times. i can't get her out of my head and i'm completely consumed with her, yet nothing sexually ever happened. Help

Noel's response

Take cold showers, do anything you have to in order to let go of your lustful feelings. Nothing good can come of you trying to go further with her.

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