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I'm a 43 year old man afraid of getting divorced

I'M 43 years old and my wife and sister don't get along and it looks like I'm getting divorced. I don't know what to do.

My wife says I'm not giving her her place as my wife. She has called me every name in the book from gutless to coward saying I'm afraid of my sister. I'm not I just don't want to fight.

My wife is putting me in a position where I have to choose between her and my sister. I know this is an easy answer I choose my wife. But why does she have to put me in position. My wife even talked about divorce.

This all started when I was in the hospital getting my gall bladder taken. out my wife and I were having an argument when my sister called and another argument ensued between them both and my wife handed me the phone to handle it and I told my sister I will call you back instead of bitching her out for arguing with my wife. I don't know what to do.

Noel's response

It is a difficult position to be in, but I suspect the situation didn't start with the argument in the hospital.

You mentioned your wife and sister don't get along, which suggests to me that they haven't got along for some time. Perhaps you have taken your sister's side sometimes in the past.

A woman wants a man she can 'come up against' - someone who will stand his ground when there is an argument. Someone who knows who he is. If he is 'wishy-washy', it is difficult to know where he stands.

You are right when you say you must choose your wife over your sister.

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