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in need of help

by christine
(north east philadelphia)

My husband and I

My husband and I

i am 25 years old been seeing a husband since i was 15 years old we have 3 children 2 boys 5 yrs old and 14 months, an and also a 8 year old children. we had gotten married march 5, 2011 im now a single mother raising 3 kids, i was a stay at home mom while my husband provided income, im lost and confused and doing bad my son has night mares, and the holidays are here a friend promise me to lend me money for Christmas for my kids and i could pay her back when i got on my feet, is there anything out there that can help me and programs people please pray for me and help me get threw this i cant do it alone i need some help does any one have any direction they can lead me into so i can provide for my children?

Noel's response

I suggest you start by going to the social services agency in your city for some short-term help. You don't mention where your husband is, or whether he is working, but the social services agency might also help you get a court order to make your husband pay support.

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