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hello Noel my mlc husband had been home for six months now, he is still not 100% and I'm thinking or rather hoping he is at the withdrawal stage ! He is now beginning to process what has happened and is feeling guilt showing a little remorse but in most part trying to reassure me of his love , I wonder if you can help me figure out some things I don't understand or at least shed some light on if this is typical mlc behaviour, he has always been very affectionate untill mlc kicked in , now I noticed he likes to lay with his head on my lap quietly and doesn't seem to touch me or smooth my arms etc when we relax , I also wonder why he loses his erection when we are actually making love ? Do you think he still had the other woman in his heart /head ? He says it me and his family he needs and wants but I do feel very insecure, thank you your help and clarification is priceless during this heart wrenching time.

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Feb 05, 2016

by: Noel

I am afraid I can't offer you much help, but perhaps can shed a little light.

It is quite common for a middle-aged man to have periods of impotence when making love. It has happened to me a number of times. As sex is very influenced by our emotions, it is possible his guilt is partly to cause of the impotence. It is also possible it is caused by a hormone imbalance. I suggest he see a doctor who specializes in hormone therapy. If your husband is low in testosterone, bio-identical hormone therapy may help not only his erections, but his sexual desire.

You do not mention your age, but if you are through menopause, you may also find hormone therapy useful.

The only other thing I can suggest is that time heals many wounds. you have both been through a major emotional roller coaster, and that can take a long time to heal. When it does you may well find you are at a new level of trust and intimacy.

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