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Is a car really a midlife crisis?


Ok first off, I am living my life the way I want to and couldn't be happier, but it seems as if I have quite a few detractors. But I just now found your site and had to ask this!

I'm a single guy in my late 30s, worked my way through school as an adult, and have a good career. I've also been a good father to my daughter who graduates this year. Now I feel it's time to reward myself. I've always loved sports cars, what guy doesn't! But when I was 20 I didn't have $100k plus to drop on a car. It wasn't because I didn't want the car!! I just didn't have the cash. Now I have the car and everyone screams mid-life crisis.

Here's the other thing people "ding" me for, I date younger women (mid 20s). Why? Well for me age isn't a factor, but looks are and in this country by the time most women are my age, they're not much to look at. Harsh, yes but I work out and I don't feel like I should drop my standards just because I'm older. Again, no crisis I just like attractive women. I do date women my age once in a blue moon when I find one that has actually taken care of themselves. Thoughts?


Noel's response

I agree that a car is just a car. If you are buying to try to deny you are aging and 'be young and hip', then maybe it is a symbol of a midlife transition. If not, then it is because you really like sports cars and can now afford it.

It is the same for women. As far as I am concerned, it is not so much what you do, but the reason you do it, that determines whether you are having a 'crisis'.

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