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Is he having second thoughts now that our divorce is done?

The Question

My husband and I divorced two months after he droped the bomb. I did not realize he was in midlife crisis at the time, though after reading your site I now believe he was.

He was very insistent that we separate assets and divorce immediately. We did that and put our house on the market within two weeks of the bomb drop.

After the divorce was final he stopped the pressure on selling the house. He still pays half the payment and has not worried that it has not even been shown in 2 months. the realtor set up open house, but my husband is not interested in helping, nor does he care if we have it. Could he be anxious about cutting this last tie? (5 months since bomb drop and divorced 2 months).

He has started dating but not clear how serious. Our contact is cordial but mostly texts.

Noel's answer

He might be having second thoughts, but there is really no way for me to know.

Perhaps other readers have some experience in this regard.

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