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is it a mid life crisis

by hurt

my husband told me 6 weeks ago that he had met another woman on holiday , they had beeen talking for 3 weeks on the phone he doesnt even know her but said he feels he has known her all his life? we were happily married no signs of any problems apart from some debt and i had had a hard time at work but he was really supportive, he wants to sell the house has become nasty and abusive he is spending money going to hotels with this woman, and leaves but expects me to just be normal and talk to him as though we are still together, he is nasty to our son and me and has been violent. a few weeks ago we were making plans for our anniversary going on holiday laughing and joking. now he is like a total stranger and not the loving husband i have been with for 22 years. what do i do?

i feel i am losing everything please help.

Noel's response

The first thing to do is kick him out. It is ludicrous for him to think he can be having sex with another woman and still have a 'normal' relationship with you. If he is ever physically violent with you or your son again, lay charges against him. Let him know you are not willing to put up with his behaviour, so he has some choices to make. You also must decide how much of his behaviour you are willing to abide. Seeing a counselor could be helpful for you.

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