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is it normal for a man of fifty four to have a high libido. he constantly wants to have sex , day and night

by ursula. singh

he is too interested in sex, he is fifty four. wants to have sex day and night. will not allow much sleep to the woman. he believes sex can make or break a man. its like oxygen for him is this a normal behaviour of a man in his fifties?

Noel's response

While it is not necessarily 'normal' for a man in his fifties, it is not uncommon. I believe the cause may be partly that he is subconsciously worried that he is losing his libido and is worrying that he might be losing his sexual attractiveness. This can also happen to women after menopause, who suddenly find men are not 'eying' them any more.

Part of our self-definition for both men and women is our attractiveness as sexual beings, and when we begin to lose it, which does happen to everyone in time, some people become alarmed.

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