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Is it normal for a man who is 60 to be obsessed with children?

by eldupa

My father remarried to a 20 year younger woman a few years ago. He always said that he always dreamed of having a large family and he is also a strict catholic who doesn't believe in using protection. His wife ended up having 3 children, all c-sections, in 3 years. She died from having the last child. It was known earlier already that her life was in danger but they refused the abortion for religious reasons. Now my dad is raising the little children by himself, with the help of nannies and housekeepers, etc.

Could his strange wish for children at such an age be a sign of a midlife crisis? Because I'm at a loss for how else to explain his behavior... Not to mention its really creepy to see such an old man raising little children on his own...

Noel's response

I doubt it is a midlife crisis. I suspect something deeper, that psychotherapy might help. He may be trying to satisfy some unfulfilled need from his own childhood, or even be trying to 'deny death' by having young children at his age.

As far as it being 'really creepy' to see an older man raising little children, you might want to examine your own fears around this. Many grandparents (including single grandfathers) raise their young grandchildren.

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