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is My 41 Yr old Husband Starting a Midlife Crises

lately for the past year myt 41 year old husband has been differntly...its like i dont even know him anymore...we will be married 20 yrs this august...its like he doesnt listen to anything i try to tell him or explain to him,always has something negative to say...just isnt involved in anything outside the home or seems interested in it...when i ask him about something we can go do he says ok sopunds like fun but then thats as far as it goes....wont talk to me unless it has something to do with my job, his job or our 19 yr old son....our sexual life is thinking that part is desperate to figure this out because its getting to the point of me leaving and thats something i dont want to do.

Noel's response

About the only thing I can suggest is marriage counseling if he is willing to go. You might also make sure you are using 'I statements' to be sure you do not sound as though you are blaming or pointing fingers when you are trying to get him to talk to you about important subjects. You will find some information about them here: How to use I statements.

He may also be depressed, which is very common at midlife. You can find some symptoms of male depression on my page. If he has not had a thorough medical in the past year, you might suggest he get one. Of course whether he does or not is up to him.

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