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Is my mlc husband insecure

by Linda

Hello my husband has returned home not I beleive by his own choice, he works overseas and his contract has ended. He says he was in an emotional affair but I have a feeling it was more than that ! He is mostly been quite loving towards me but while he was looking for a job I said I really don't want him to work overseas anymore , he started to monster and tell me I was controlling , I just left the room , earlier in the day we went for lunch and I've noticed he asks quite often if I think he's good looking and if I fancy him ! I do and always say so but it's as though he has to hear it , is this a nirmal mlc trait ?? Thank you

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Sep 26, 2015
Insecurity and lack of confidence can be part of the mlc
by: Noel

It is not uncommon for men to lack confidence and feel insecure in many ways when they are in a midlife transition or midlife crisis.

As men (and women) age they can begin to wonder whether they are still attractive to the opposite sex, whether or not they intend to pursue anything in that regard.

In my own transition, I went through five years where I lacked confidence and energy. It was not fun!

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