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Is my situtation due to a mid-life crisis?

by Pickles
(Louisville Ky)

My husband lost his job and has not been able to find full time employment for several years. He just up one day and decided he did not want to be married and left me. We had a beautiful house that couldn't afford the payments on with one income. I was willing to down size, our children are grown one lives with us she is 25. He loved dogs, didn't want them anymore, didn't want the cats we had for years that he loved. He acted like a different person, wants no contact with me or the children. What do you think? Will he snap out of it and come back? Oh and we have been married for 33 years.

Noel's response

A midlife crisis may be part of it, but long-term unemployment, and a lifestyle (e.g. your house) he can't afford may well be a major blow to his self-esteem. He sounds as though he may be depressed.

If he is willing, I would suggest he get a thorough medical. Perhaps his doctor will prescribe some anti-depressants for a while to help him through this.

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