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is there life after midlife crisi?

by emily

my brother in law grew up in a polygamous family setting. Home was as dysfunctional as they get. has severe emotional trauma from childhood that he refuses to deal with . And all his 50 yrs, still depressed over it and won't seek help. now in midlife crisis and having issues with their marriage, is now even more depressed and having eratic behavours and all the classic mlc symptoms. They are going through divorce and rumor has it, he's announcing a remarriage next yr to his OW. is it possible for a man who has practically been depressed all his life and got some more in marriage and refusing treatment, can find love and happiness after a midlife crisis? And does all that depression go away? pls enlighten me on this

Noel's response

In general, men are usually more content with themselves and their lives after a midlife transition than before it. That being said, I doubt your brother-in-law will have lost his depression, as he doesn't seem to want to deal with it.

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