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is this a quarter life crisis?

This may sound very silly, but i have a question about my ex. I feel like maybe he is going through a quarter life crisis. He has always said " i feel like im running out of time to do fun things with my friends" and has always been scared of growing up. Before we broke up everything happened at once, he got the job promotion he was wanting to make a career , I got my adult job after college ect. It was one week before our 3 year anniversary he lied to me about going out and that just made me mad we didn't fight i just said thanks for lying have a good night . The next day we had plans and he just never showed up. He used excuses like " its not fair to you I cannot focus my attention on you due to being so stressed at work , and its a build up of everything you did wrong in the relationship, ect. Keep in mind we are the couple that everyone including us thought "would never break up" and we would be the ones who always made it in the end. As soon as we broke up he started talking to random girls, going to clubs every weekend getting drunk, using drugs (Weed, zanex, not hard drugs like cocaine or anything) this is just not him at all he has always said clubs aren't his scene now he lives at the every weekend. It has been 4 months since we broke up. He hangs out with girls who are 19 years old , his 27th birthday is Monday. The girls he goes out with are the total opposite of me blonde, party girls, excuse my language but slutty girls. He deleted all our pictures off social media, blocked me every way possible. He literally turned off like a light switch over night ail nto this monster. He completely changed his look who he is ect. Starting about a month ago ( i have my ways of viewing his social media) he has been posting things like : " im not the person I use to be" " I want to heal I want to feel what I thought was never real". "at some point your body tells you to stop" "So what if you can see the darkest side of me" "Seems like alls i do is live for the weekends" "Falling apart" . I tried messaging him telling him if he needed to talk or wanted to i was there for him and told him you know theres always light at the end of the tunnel just very motivating stuff and he ignored me. About a week ago he was in the ER for chest pains HE NEVER GOES TO THE DR EVER. he doesn't even believe in taking medicine when sick so you know he got seriously scared. They told him he was extremely stressed from what I've heard from others. I hope he snaps out of this and im not sure if maybe he really did stop loving me but it seems like SOOO much more than me, i truly feel like its a quarter life crisis maybe its not but i was hoping for advice. Do people typically snap out of this , about how long, ? just what do you think

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Jun 26, 2016

by: Noel

It may be a 'quarter life crisis', or it might just be him not wanting to grow up, was you suggested.

He sounds like a man with the 'Peter Pan syndrome' - he is afraid he is going to have to act like a grown-up and doesn't want to.

People do get through the various transitions in life, but it's not always quick.

You might try reading "The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up" as it may give you some clues.
I really don't know what else to suggest.

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