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Is this midlife crisis or full on insanity and is there a difference?

My spouse of 26 years went and served for 8 months in Afghanistan while he was there I was in the hospital and deathly ill. I had major medical issues while he was gone. When I woke from a 5 month coma my husband was .... well crazy. he decided he does not want to be married to me he has done little besides lie, cheat, steal and humiliate our entire family. He told me 2 days before my birthday he wanted a divorce. Proceeded to use money i sent him to fly back to the USA and have a cheap affair with a woman that is 22 yrs his senior and she weighs a whopping 500lbs..

he refuses to do anything he was and has been court ordered to do and lies ... constantly. Any suggestions besides thanking God I am not having to live with him and his insane behavior? Btw he is saying he is almost 60 and he is not anywhere near 60 he is 45.

Noel's response

It sounds as though you are well out of the relationship. He obviously has some serious mental health problems.

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