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It has been seven months. Should I move on?

The question

Hi, Noel you commented on my question that it sounds like my husband is going through a major midlife crisis. I am driving myself crazy as to always wondering what it is that I did wrong.

Should I let him be to do his own thing and move on with my life even though it is very hard as we were together for 25 years or more? At the moment he doesn't even wish to speak to me only sometimes he sends me a text if he needs something.

I can't go on like this it has been seven months. Would I be best to get legal advice and move on? Thanks!

Noel's response

A. You did not do anything wrong.

B. Seven months is not an especially long time to wait.

C. Yes, move on with your life. Seeing your lawyer is a good idea. You may not want to necessarily do anything permanent just yet, but have things in place. You may or may not wish to get back together with him should he want to get back together with you. But yes, move on with your life, with or without him.

Comments for It has been seven months. Should I move on?

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May 07, 2011
Affair with prostitutes
by: Anonymous


I have been with my husband for 25 years and have 2 beautiful children. We have always been very close and done everything together as a family. My husband works away a month and then is home a month, but recently i found out that he has been seeing prostitutes for nearly 2 years while he has been working away.

He is nearly 50 and has now said he wants to leave me and the kids to start a new life with one of the prostitutes that he has been seeing who is only in her early 20's. Me and the children are devastated and he has not been in contact with us for nearly 2 months now.

He has gone from a very loving husband and father to someone we don't recognize any more. He has emptied our bank accounts and left me in a foreign country with our children. I have to try and be strong for the children's sake but i am finding it very hard to cope at the moment, so my heart goes out to others like me.

Apr 19, 2011
Trying so hard to move on
by: Anonymous

I am in the same boat as you. My husband of 16 years left me, our 1 year old and her sisters. We built a home together and laughed together and practically did everything together. Until one day he just walked out on us without an explanation.

At first I thought to myself what I had done wrong but all along it was another woman. I trusted him, loved him and cherished him for who he was and he left. I always told myself that I wasn't worth it but now I understand why he left.

I hope that the other woman is having a life time with him because their relationship isn't going to last. I will move on when the time is right but right now he makes me want to wait for him because when his in a mood of missing me he texts me and says stuff that makes me want to wait for him.

Jan 31, 2011
Re: Moving on
by: Anonymous

My husband of 9 years has started paper for separation, and moved out 6 months ago. I had to move on. It is difficult.

I am also seeing a therapist who encourage me to make new friends and reconnect with old friends. I will start to travel with other single moms who have children similar age with my daughter. it is not as bad as I thought at the beginning. It is not the end of the world.

You will grow and become another stronger and happier individual because you don't have to compromise yourself for the sake of the relationship.

There a website called: there is a list of songs recommended to help you get through your break up. All the best and take care

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