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by wayne peters

my wife invited her ex husband to stay at our house, should i be worried??

Noel's response

As I don't know you, your wife, or her ex-husband, I cannot comment on your specific situation.

In general, assuming they had been separated and/or divorced for some time before you and she got together, there should be nothing to worry about. After all, they separated because they did not want to be together.

You do not mention how long she invited him to stay. If it is for a few days while he is in your town, that is one thing. If she is inviting him to stay for weeks or months, that is an entirely different situation!

If you do not feel comfortable having him stay with you, you might mention to her that you would rather she not invite him to stay again. It is your home as well as hers, so you have a right to what you want as well.

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