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Lack of Sex

Hi I am a 30 year-old woman and my boy friend of 4 years is soon to be 37. We moved in together 6 months ago and now only have sex about once a month, if that. I have asked him about it once or twice, he knows i have a high sex drive, and he blames being old/lazy/afraid of getting me pregnant.

I think maybe he just doesn't find me attractive anymore, while enjoying living with me and sharing lives its more like being close friends, could i get a man's perspective on this.

Noel's response

You do not mention what your sex life was like before you got together, but assuming is was more frequent, my guess is that now that you have moved in together, some of the excitement of having a 'new lover' is gone, and he is unconsciously projecting a 'mother' image on you, rather than a 'lover' image. I am not a psychologist, so this is, as I say, a guess on my part.

If I were you, I would not expect the sex to get any better as long as you are living together.

Comments for Lack of Sex

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Aug 21, 2011
good advise
by: Anonymous

life is short .please do not waste your life away with him find someone else, and keep looking until you are happy. because at the end of your life you should look back and be satisfied with what you did.

Aug 12, 2011
Lack of Sex
by: Anonymous


Buy something really sexy and tease him about sex, probably like you used to do. Do not harp on this issue--just do it. Rub his ego every day and tell him how much you loved the sex with him. I'm sure he will get excited if you wanted him to.

Have fun, NWF

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