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left me for another woman, what is he thinking?

by misty

After 6 years of a slowly developing relationship that just blossomed into a beautiful love, future plans, retirement plans and future trips...he is having an affair that he is not going to stop but isn't leaving me, no intention.

One month later he is ending our relationship and taking her away for her birthday. What is he thinking? We had no real issues that couldn't be worked out like any other relationship, mainly communication!!! Sex good, got along GREAT, good times all around, I can think of two big fights in 6 yrs. Again what happened after he turned 42? He loved me till the day he dumped me!

Noel's response

I don't know what went wrong, but it definitely sounds as though he dumped you. I suggest it is time to move on.

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Oct 19, 2011
After 8 years of marriage he finnaly dumped me
by: Anonymous

It was a second marriage for both of us... We have children from both side. They hated him after he left his first wife. It was very difficult for me to rebuild a respect to him from the children again.
He was in army reserve, and been with active duty few times too. Since we have been married he had 3 times affairs on line with women, and ones even went to divorce with me. But all the time he was back after all my tears and prays.
Now, when all our kids grew up, and he retired at 57, he found again online younger woman, and this time he is really moving on. Nothing can stop him.
What is matter with him????

Aug 23, 2011
moving on..
by: Anonymous

Oh I am moving on and feel good about it myself, being in my forties. My question really is what does a man think when he does this? How does this happen, when does it start, why, what is the mid-life in this? I am curious about a man's mind and would like to learn how this thought process works. I get the dumped, move on and I would like to add - learn from it!


Noel's response

I am not sure how 'a man's' thought process works, as I think it is different for different men. Some are afraid of intimacy, some imagine an 'ideal lover' somewhere (I cover this in my book "A Harley or My Wife"). Some are just boys in mens' bodies and don't know how to be responsible and accountable.

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