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Looking for youth?

by Rcl

Husband now says he is not coming home and wants to be his old self. Like when we met in his late 20s. He is 59. Says is only coming home to keep connection with the children. Only thing, children not all home when he does show up. Does not want to be married but not filed for divorce. Says would like to live on sailboat for two months and would feel guilty about taking me or going without me. Says is positive not coming home. Not sure what really happened to himself, just that he was going to explode if he stayed home. Is this what happens when they are looking/finding themselves.?Says no other woman but will date some day. I told I was still standing for our marriage, as I thought we were good together and loved each other. he just replied ok. Just wanted me to know where he stood on all this. Do they change their mind set/moods?

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Jul 06, 2015
Looking for youth
by: Rcl

I will NOT be dating! I have been married for almost 28 years and take you marriage covenant seriously. I do not believe in divorce, destruction of children or spouse. I truly believe he loves me just seems to be bored right now and escaping to some other place. As he no longer talks to parents,siblings, rarely his own four children, I am the only steadfast person in his life. I will not be stepping out in my marriage as it is not my moral fiber at all!!!!! I do believe in the marriage covenant and still crazy in love with my husband.

Jun 29, 2015
smiles & hugs
by: Mikiyah from central WI

Wholeheartedly, I agree with Noel. He said, "I suggest you start thinking about what you want in your life with or without him."

Changes (made to Noel's quote) are my own.

Hon, you better start thinking about what YOU want/ desire/ dream about in YOUR life WITH & especially *WITHOUT* HIM.

It's your turn to turn the tables. Time for YOU to forget you are married & go out in the world AS IF you are SINGLE & DATING because YOU ARE!!! Get some practice dating. Get familiar with HOW MUCH you have changed, how much your preferences have changed, & how much your levels of attraction also have changed.

Please reply as I'd like to hear your feedback, lol Ms. AZ, lol!

Jun 26, 2015
Looking for lost youth
by: Anonymous

May i be as bold to suggest you dont talk about your marriage to him or mention divorce again as he is not going to respond how you would like. also it puts pressure on him.

Jun 25, 2015

by: Noel

Sometimes they change, and sometimes they don't. Perhaps he is working through something, or is simply missing something he feels he lost long ago (i.e. wanting to be 'his old self').

He will probably work his way through this, but that is no guarantee he will come back home, and if he does, it will not be the same as it was before he left. I suggest you start thinking about what you want in your life with or without him.

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