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low t

by liz

Ok. So he has fatigue. Libido gone. Is not willing to do anything to sexually satisfy me. Just likes to cuddle and kinda of fondle a little. And sleep.

We are newly weds and have had sex one time since our wedding two months ago. However he can stay up till 5 am at casino playing blackjack. If I mention this, he says I don't understand about his medical problem.

He refused to take cialis. Said was treated for low t several years ago with injections and he felt like a new man. But mow doesn't make the effort for treatment and says he will not do because of the risk of cancer.

I get mad and depressed. His past wife and lovers got a good sexual relationship but not me. Not fair. He is 59 and a trucker for 38 years. I am 56 and a hot Latin woman that came out of a 34 year marriage. My husband cheated on me in his travels in Asia and Europe and chose his lover over me. So I feel rejected. Twice. Please help me understand what is really going on here. Thanks. .

Noel's response>/b>

It looks to me like the writing is on the wall. Your husband may well have low testosterone, and perhaps injections would make a difference with him.

Here is a page about testosterone from the Mayo clinic Mayo Clinic comments on testosterone supplementation.

If your husband is unwilling to do anything about his lack of sexual desire, you have some choices to make regarding whether you want to remain in a sexless marriage.

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