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male friend wants affair with me

my guy friend who is 37 just got married last year to a wealthy girl ( hmmm... i know! I know!) who is only 28. After recently reconnecting with him...via text, things heated up with him rapidly. I am 37 and married as well. Without going into all of it-- he basically said he was always hot for me and we had been making plans to meet up for drinks. through a series of mishaps, it hasn't happened. Yes, I was interested too, but am going thru mid-life of my own and have been married a helluva lot longer to an ass!

My question is-- why did he get married in the first place? he hasn't even been married a year.. can he possibly love her? and i would think she does it for his wallet, but not his---- if you know what i mean.

Noel's response
You don't mention whether you are a man or a woman, so I am going to assume (perhaps incorrectly) that you are a woman who is married to an 'ass'.

Why would he get married? Who knows? There could be many reasons, ranging from wanting to do what is 'expected' of him, to wanting some eye candy.

Perhaps if you ask him, he would give you the real answer.

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