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Man menopause

I am 49 and have been with my husband, who is 42, for 13 years. I have three children he has none. We wanted one of our own and never got pregnant. He out of the blue decided he needed space and wanted to move out???? I and our therapist asked he go to the dr. He was checked only to find his testosterone and estrogen levels are off along with a leaky heart valve. He is on medication now but is still withdrawn angry frustrated a completely different person. Doesn't talk to me and wants to be alone ALL the time.

Noel's response

He is probably in a state of shock and denial. The news he got from his doctor could be devastating to anyone. He probably does need some time to reflect on his own mortality. It sounds as though you and/or he is already seeing a counselor, so I don't know what else to suggest.

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