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marriage and cheating

hi, my husband is 46 and we've been together 19 years are nearly 10 years married. Recently, we had big problems, i felt that my husband wasn't interested in me or any of our 4 kids.

I was working on a training course minding the kids and paying the bills? My sister got married last summer and he arrived late for the wedding treated everyone connected with me with disdain and spent the whole evening and next day niggling me!

Eventually the next night he accused me of having an affair and drove 135 miles home with 11 pints of beer in him! He never contacted me or my kids for three days so when i went home i told him it was over and left him after 3 weeks.

He proceeded to date another woman and had her sleep in our bed a week after i moved out! He introduced her to his family and our friends and continued to see her for about a month, meanwhile he had been working things out with me and we went to our first marriage counseling session, i later found out that he slept again with her that night and that he was also seeing another girl.

We worked it out and are back together again, but i don't trust him and he wont tell me where these girls live even though they have been to my home and even looked at my kids pictures what do i do it eats me up ? Please help!

Noel's response

I can't suggest anything but more marriage counseling, and/or you deciding whether you want to stay in the marriage. He has betrayed your trust and it can take a LONG time to rebuild it.

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