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Married 34 yrs... he wants more money than can be earned??

by Helen Roesler

Due to my having disabilities..unable to gain work..hubby is in depression...not being able to get out of the financial rut?? help!

Do we vacate our comfortable mortgaged home?? to go into a unsecured rental??? do we separate???

I cannot gain employment at 56 yrs old and now it is having an effect on my husbands mental state?? help!!

Noel's response

About the only help I can suggest is that you see a marriage counselor to help sort this out.

You don't mention how big your mortgage is in relation to the value of the house (i.e. whether you have much equity in it), but selling a house and moving into a rental, unless it is a much smaller and less desirable rental won't like save a lot of money. I would be careful about agreeing to sell the house, unless you simply can't afford to keep it, as it is likely your biggest asset.

I suspect your husband's depression is caused by more than your inability to work.

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