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married for 32 years of marriage and a girlfriend now.

Married for 32 yrs and stilll live in the same house and he has a girlfriend now. It started 2 yrs ago. We fought about money and a drug addict son. I moved to the other side of the house. He was very angry and not forgiving for those 2 yrs. I was bound and determine to clean up my son. So my husband felt neglected. Very stubborn man. Difficult to talk to. So a few months ago I discovered that there is a girlfriend that keeps tabs in him constantly and he seems to like this. She must text him 40 times per day. By the time he gets home in the am to The time he leaves to go to her house. Every nite he stays there. He acts like he does not feel bad for hurting me like this. He will not leave mainly because he does not have a lot of money. I tried to fix the situation, but no results. he says its over. That there is no more trust in our relationship. I still love the man very much. But I do not know what to do. She does know that I am here, but I do not know what he tells her. What should I do.? It hurts so bad. I don't want to cry anymore.

Noel's response

His message to you seems pretty clear. I can only suggest you move on with your life without him. It is obviously a very difficult situation, but allowing him to still live in the same house has to make it harder for you, not easier.

If you take action to force him to find a different place to live, or move out yourself (I don't know which would be less difficult for you) it may help him see the situation in a more realistic light, and give you some relief in that you have taken some action to move the situation forward.

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