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Married friends getting too close

by confused friend

My husband and I became close friends with another couple and we all get along with each other as well as the kids. We spend a lot of time with them, but lately I have noticed that my friends husband has been checking me out (boobs) and looks into my eyes a little longer that socially acceptable. I feel a great attraction for him, but his wife says he has trained himself not to look at other women. She admits she has him on a leash and they have a pact not to be close with the opposite sex. We have never actually spoken about anything regarding "hooking up", but all of his body language, trying to touch my hand or not moving enough out of the way so that I brush up against him, is driving me nuts. My question is, he acts one way (non-verbal) like he is interested at times and at other times is distant - what does this mean?

Noel's response

I suspect it means he attracted to you, and at times he flirts, and at other times he withdraws so he is not tempted to try to go further.

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Jan 16, 2012
Thanks Noel - i got my own answer
by: Anonymous

Our friends have decided to divorce and I have told him in no uncertain terms that I am not interested in him and prayed that is not why they are divorcing. I just feel sorry for their kids.

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