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Married man age 52

by molly

The Question

I'm 38, married and went through a very tough time for 19 months. I was diagnosed with PTSD. A married man visited me every two weeks or so, and we became very close. Too close. And now I am feeling very angry for letting it happen. I am wondering whether he is going through mid-life crisis as I feel this would not have happend if he wasn't. Also, if I wasn't at a vulnerable stage it certainly wouldn't have happened.

Noel's response

It is possible that he is in a midlife transition, but it is also possible the two of you just let yourselves get too close. This often happens when one person, as you mention, is very vulnerable emotionally.

Comments for Married man age 52

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Apr 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

all weekend I've asking myself WHY? why did this happen, especially when I was very very vulnerable did he deliberately take advantage of me, today i feel i want to tell his wife. but i know I'll probably regret it if i do, I'm scared for the future

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