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Married man not able to have an erection

I've been seeing a married man. We have a lot in common, thought that he was leaving his wife. Says she has no interest in sex etc. However the chemistry is hot with us. Still is not able to perform. Why does he keep coming to me?

Noel's response

He may be coming to you in order to feel better about himself. I suggest you quit seeing him until he makes a decision about his marriage, and perhaps sees his doctor about his impotence. Chances are he will never leave his wife.

Comments for Married man not able to have an erection

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Jun 13, 2012
no erection at home
by: Anonymous

hei someone,

i have been married for six years now. i dont have erection with my wife except i fake a masturbation just before getting into her. and sometimes once inside it slumps again. but the irony is that with my girl friends i am highly performant. i need help. this thing is driving my family crazy.

Nov 06, 2011
your interested?
by: Anonymous

why are you interested in a sexless relationship?

Nov 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

where do you live sometimes the hot weather helps

Oct 13, 2011
What are you doing????
by: Anonymous

I am shocked that so many women think it's OK to sleep with a married man. And that same woman who does sleep with a married man is confused about why he hasn't left his wife for her or if he does will dump her later on because she contributed to the death of his marriage. Some men are just dogs willing to hump any woman who doesn't think enough of herself to get to know a man and his lifestyle... but other men have created their situation with their wives by excessive work schedules, too many guy trips or outings,overspending on themselves and ignoring their wives out of selfishness. Drinking too much or alcoholics tend to do these things most because the other woman doesn't know what he is an alcoholic...he hides it from her or thinks he's going to quit for this new woman and those old drinking habits pop back in when the excitement wears off especially without treatment. As far as not being able to get it's most likely guilt!!! If he is a good man that doesn't know how to mend his marriage he will be angry with his family to justify his infidelity and the guilt will take over in bed and he won't be able to perform. Women need to stop attaching themselves to men who are in crisis, are married and confused. It sickens me to think that these women who sleep with married men have no idea or consideration for the wife but more than that the kids who are broken for life over their selfish decision to sleep with a married man. GET A CLUE LADIES!

Sep 27, 2011
I agree with Noel..
by: AD

This guy will not leave his wife.
If he is not performing, then...why keep him around?...he is married, so let his wife deal with his problem not you.

I have been in both sides...a wife and a lover...

It's much more fun been the lover, you don't cook, don't clean, don't do anything, other than have fun with the guy...and if the fun is gone...why keep him?..(Smiles)..AD

Sep 05, 2011
Married man not able to have an erection
by: NWF

Woman who sleep with married men are NO GOOD and have very low self-esteem! He also has low self-esteem by sleeping with you and he cannot get an erection because of this and Yes, he is in a midlife transition. The crisis part arrives when they start having an affair with whomever is willing to sleep with them and the home life falls apart for his family.

Don't think that you are special because he wants to sleep with you. He does not care who he sleeps with right now, anybody will do for the mean time! How would you feel about this if you were his wife? He comes to you for validation of his false issues with his wife and for you to feed his ego and hold him up thru this confusing state of mind. He will lie to her and to you right now.

Noel is right. He probably will not leave his wife though he might for a year or so until he figures out what he has lost, then he will dump you too.

You did not say how long they have been married or how old he is. This does matter! If he is too young for a midlife crisis then he is simply a philanderer and will cheat on you also.

Did he buy a new car or motorcycle or boat yet? That usually comes before the "other woman"(OW) and when that does not fill the "empty space" he will find an OW and try to fill it. The empty space" is within himself and he cannot fill it from outside, though he will try to.

Shame on you for sleeping with another woman's husband!!

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