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Married woman texting my husband.

Ok a few weeks back this woman accidentally texted my husband thinking it was her daughter. After she did, she then called that same night and apologized. He just told her it was ok no problem. Then in the days to follow, she started texting him. This went on for oh I guess about 3 weeks now. He would hide this from me, delete the texts, say it was no big deal, they were just friends.

His attitude changed towards me, they would text during the day. He stopped calling me in the mornings as he used to. When I would text him they were short and blunt.
Suddenly last Friday she decided she was falling for him. That left the door open for me to ask all kinds of questions. She told him she was finding herself falling in love. He told her that could too if he wasnt married. They never met that I know of, I asked. I asked him why he did this and he tells me sometimes a man just wants some strange stuff, to see if they still have it, to feel still attractive. He says he loves me and would never do anything to mess our marriage up. So after telling him she would leave him alone and not text anymore, she calls that same night. He didn't answer cause we were together, so then she texted, he didn't respond. The next day she texted again, stating "You dont miss me do you?" I have found she is the instigator of this situation. That was the last text sent, he never responded to it. So far since there has been nothing from either. He has been nicer and just a lot better all around. My question is should I keep my guard up as curiosity does get the better of us all. Also what am I to think of this, is or was it a prelude to a meeting and possible physical affair? Any other comments will be appreciated.

Noel's response

What he told you a man wanting to see if he still 'has it' is probably true. Women often wonder if they still 'have it' after menopause.
The woman sounds a little off-the-wall, if she contacted him after simply getting a wrong number.

Should you keep your guard up? I suggest not as it will negatively affect the way you interact with him. You have no evidence that he in touch with her any more.

Could it be a prelude? Who knows? But if you treat it like it could be, it might become one.

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