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mid life crisis at 55

by betty

my husband left me in july last year just before our 34 anniversary.he blames me for everything.he wont tell me why just that he doesn't want to be with me any more.he has left me with money nothing.i only work part time and am struggling for money.he now wants me to sell the house.i will be left with nothing.he says he hasn't cheated but wont tell me the truth.I am on antidepressants and going to a councillor.i dont know what to do .i have been to a lawyer as he wants a divorce.i need help

Noel's response

I can't suggest anything better than what you are already doing... seeing a counselor and being on antidepressants.
From the sound of it, talking to a lawyer is a good step. It sounds as though the only leverage you have is the house, so I would be sure that if you sell the house you get your share of the equity, plus presumably some kind of alimony support.

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