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Mid Life Crisis or Depression

by Patty

My husband of 20 years has been depressed and very angry for many years (I say this he says no).Slowly he started to withdraw,phone calls from work stopped,then communication stopped.This went on for 2 months till finally the blow up happened and he says he is sick of his life,his job and the people he works with and at this point doesn't know what he wants.He is in the house,works everyday and comes home every night but has no interaction with me at all---is waiting for me to start the process and that is not what I want at this time,He refuses to seek any kind of therapy or even go to his Primary Doc for any advice or help.I am seeking help for myself cause I am torn as to what to do.I have tried several times to talk to him and get him to open up and even asked if there was someone else----I cannot get any conversation from him to all---is it a lost cause????

Noel's response

I don't know whether it is a lost cause. Depression is very common with midlife men, but it sounds as though your husband has been depressed and unhappy with his life for a long time.

I think you are wise to be seeking help for yourself. At some point you will have to decide how much longer you want to put up with the current situation.

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