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Mid life crisis or depression?

6 months ago my husband suffered an emotional breakdown due to a fall out with his parents. It turns out that his parents were unhappy with me and have refused to come round. My husband became very withdrawn and slowly pushed me and his children away. He decided to move out to try and get some space and then ended up moving out permanently. I made him tell the children as things were get very tense between us. Things have improved since telling the children but I am very unsure as to the future. He has changed completely from the man I know and is changing from as loving caring person into someone who seemingly doesn't care. He has withdrawn from my family and our friends and even the children.....mid life crisis depression I really don't know what to do.????

Noel's response

I could be some of both. Midlife transitions/crises often include mild depression. His fallout with his parents might have been a long time coming, and he may be torn between two loyalties now that it has finally exhibited itself.

My only suggestion, which I have given many times, is to carry on with your own life as best you can. He may or may not come back, but either way, time will continue to pass.

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Aug 31, 2014
Mid life crisis depression
by: NWF

Hello, Yup, he is in crisis. Please go to The Hero's Spouse web site and read all of the articles there. There is much info there for you and many others in the same boat.

Hugs, NWF (OceanLady)

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