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mid life crisis

I have been marrid for 36yrs, my Husband has left me, he i think, is going through male menapause. He said i spend too much money, but since he left he is buying gifts clothes, having a good time and im left here. Can i freeze his assetts?

Noel's response

You should talk to a lawyer very soon!

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Oct 15, 2013
Noel's advise is spot on
by: Miki

I recommend a legal firm whose attorneys are/can be "sharks." Remember: you have earned your "fair (& equal) share." God bless! =D

Oct 13, 2013
mid life crisis
by: NWF

Yes, you can freeze the assets but you will have to file for a separation in order to do that. As soon as you file the court will most likely order the freeze so that nothing can change. You must protect your assets because he will not right now. Please see other comments and the best place for info on MLC is at the website: which is the same as You will find useful info in the Articles, other stories, and much help from others going thru this also.

Hugs to you.

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