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midlife cricess

by Kelly Bode
(Adamstown PA)

I've been with my ex for 41/2 yrs ,last easter he just disappeared and ,I did.nt know if he was dead or alive . Long story short .after i try to get him to talk to me . He never did . Now he wants me out of his house ,I have no job ,neck injury problems ,my son will have to live with my ex husband.He has turned my life into a nightmare .I had a breakdown! He won't talk to me , look at me ,and when he dose it's like I'm nobody and or I don't exist. I really love this man , but I think he will never get help ,and I know he has low self esteem ,and he drinks alcohol and he takes pain medicine .I told him I think the pills are fogging his judgement.I can't believe he is still functioningat his work . I'm amess!!I wrote to dr. phill and dr. pinskie , I guess my story isn't bad enough.I had sex with him back in last summer , he left ,and he never came home .I asked him if he was coming home , he said 'I don't know ?What is wrong with him .At first I blamed myself ,but I was loving ,good looking attentive ,and our sex life was great. I thought we would grow old together .the story gets worse .he is still married ,which I don't understand ,why a man would sta y with a woman who cheated on him twice!!!!!.And he has two little kids ., He is 52 yrs old Can you help me/ Kelly

Noel's response

It is not your fault. It sounds as though he may be going through a midlife crisis, but he has also shown himself to be a liar (he lied to you about his marriage).

I suggest you get some counseling in order to set some boundaries in your life. You seem still to want him back when he has treated you so badly.

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