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Midlife crisis affair

My husband I believe is going through midlife crisis. He is 57 and he went to the Philippines in February and cheated on me. I found pictures of him and her on the internet. And he is still communicating with her even though he is back home. How long is this going to last? He said he had no remorse when I found out. It hurts so much! We have been married 37yrs.

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Apr 12, 2017

by: Noel

I am sorry, but I do not know how long it is going to last.
My only suggestion, which I have made to a number of other women in the same situation and with the same question is you have to figure out what you will and will not put up with, and let him know. Then you have to stick with the boundaries you have set. It is not easy, but no part of this situation is easy. You simply have to choose the path that you think has the best outcome long term.

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