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midlife crisis and cheating

by Joyce

I think my husband of 30 years is in crisis. He is cheating with a much younger girl. He states she understands him and he loves her. He has been cold and distant, does not be intimate with me ,he says he doesn't love me. our granddaughter lives with us but when I tell I am moving out, he gets angry and then I don't care about what I am doing to our granddaughter. his attitude changes but he won't stop the affair. please help.

Noel's response

I suggest you set some boundaries for yourself. You appear to be giving in to whatever his wishes are. He wants to have an affair with the younger woman while still having you at home to look after things.

It seems logical to me that you move out, or in order to keep your granddaughter's life as stable as possible, insist that he move out. If he is 'in love' with the other women, let him move in with her.

Read the submissions from other women here who have faced similar situations. Most report their lives got much better after they went through the pain of separation.

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Jul 03, 2013
much the same has happened to me
by: Anonymous

I made mine move out once the affair became known he got a flat and the other woman moved in with him needles to say it did not last long once the real every day to day life hit home to them both i wish you all the best and remember to take care of yourself also try not to try fixing him he has to go threw this himself

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