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The Question

While men are going through Midlife Crisis, I have read that they more likely go for younger women. I am five years younger than my husband and he is going through a phase where he is going onto porn sites about older women, and he is also in contact with an ex older than himself. Is this also a sign of Midlife Crisis or is this just plain having an affair?

There is NO physical meeting or touching, only phone calls and sms's (i.e. texting) but also not many. The calls and sms's happen at a time where he is intoxicated and away on business. The porn sites are also only when away on business and have now stopped since he confessed that he was trying to hurt and make me angry.

Noel's response

While it is true that men in midlife transitions are often attracted to the idea of a younger woman (as opposed to looking inward to connect with what Jung called the 'anima'), it is not ALWAYS true.

That being said, if your husband confessed he was trying to hurt you and make you angry, I suspect there may be more to consider than just a midlife transition. Perhaps marriage counselling would be useful.

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