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Midlife Crisis and Separation

by Becca
(North Carolina, USA)

A few months ago, right after my husband turned 50, he began to change. He started spending more time alone, began to say that we needed to separate, and began talking to a female friend at work at night while he was out walking. A month or so later, he moved into our spare room. He stayed there a few days, then moved back. He did this again a few weeks later. He moved back in a few days then as well. He had one session with a Christian counselor, and I thought things were better. Two months went by, but things still didn't seem right. A month ago, he moved out while I was at work. I don't even know where he lives! Is there anything I can do to help him? I miss him and love him. He has stopped over a few times and calls me every few days to ask how I am or if I need anything. What I need is my marriage back. What do you think I can do to help!

Noel's response:

Your situation is similar to many who have asked questions here. Perhaps you will find help in the answers.

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Jul 06, 2012
not a back-up plan
by: Anonymous

File for divorce. I played this game for years before I realized that I was simply the back up plan. I deserved better. As soon as I let go of the heel, I met a wonderful man who was smart enough to recognize a good thing when he saw it. We have been married for two years and enjoy every minute we have together. Life is much different. I gained two stepdaughters (in addition to my own three sons). Our lives are richer than I ever imagined. My advice is to stop wasting time with someone who does not respect you. Grab life and enjoy it while you can. You are not his back-up plan. You deserve better.

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